Manual label apply or back-up

Industrial label printer

Tabel top printers can be used in smaller productions, for print and manual apply onto products, boxes or pallets.
The Novexx tabel top printers are designed for industial use, for print of labels on rolls. The printers are extremely reliable and has a long lifetime.

It is very easy to print barcodes, graphic, batch number, production date, best before date and much more.

The printers can be used for both direct thermal printing, for print without ribbon on thermal labels, or as thermal transfer printer with use of ribbon for a high print quality and high durability. When using thermal transfer ribbon it is possible to print in colours, but only one colour print.

The printers can be delivered with different functions such as, knife, applicator, dispensing function or rewinder.


Knife:  Cuts the label and labelweb 

Dispensing function: The label will be dispensed free of the label web, ready for the operator to pickup the label for apply onto product, box or pallet. The labelweb is rewind in the label printer.

Applicator: Automatic apply of label onto product or box, eighter by the operator placing the product under the applicator, or by mounting the printer above the conveyor, where the products stop under the applicator.

Rewinder: Print of labels which is subsequently rewound on roll again, eventually for later use in an automatic label dispenser.

Novexx XLP604, XLP605, XLP606 and 64.08 industrial table top label printer
Novexx XLP514 and XLP516 industrial table top label printer

XLP604, 605, 606 and 608


This label board printer series can be used for all imaginable printing tasks, such as printing text, barcodes and graphics.
The XLP60x series replaces the well known 64.0x label printer using the same print technology as the XPA93x / 92x series of in-line label printers and applicators, this means they use the same print head and thermal transfer which means reducing costs of stocking consumables and spares for different printer types.

Print resolution is 300dpi

The printer comes in the following widths 4", 5", 6" and 8" width

Label web width from 25.4 - 254mm

Print width up to 213,2mm  

This printer has ribbon safe function.

XLP514 and 516


This label printer handles all printing tasks and is extremely reliable. It comes with a 2 year warranty from Novexx Solutions

Print barcodes, text and graphics on all label materials from paper to PE/PP to clothing labels.

Print resolution: 200dpi, 300dpi or 600dpi

Available in 4" and 6" width

Label web width from 15 - 185mm

Print width up to 168mm

This printer uses flat head technology.

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Download brochure

Read more about the Novexx table top printers here

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