CL - Full wrap 

For cylindrical cans and pails

Our standard CL with 3 or 4 roller indexers applying full wrap labels or sticker labels onto a can or pail, will be the solution you need.

Using two label dispensers allow you to apply a full label and a sticker onto cylindrical products and 2 stickers onto a conical lithographed product.

If required the label dispensers could be equipped with printers for inline colour- or barcode printing.

For high output and under the right conditions, pre-indexers enable capacities up to 60 cans per minute. For full wrap labelling of cans less than 1 liter, the capacity is maximum 50 cans per minute, non orientated.

Handle lifting devices are an option and in that sense products could be both with or without handles.


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Cans, Pails, Containers
Product specifikation
125ml. cans to 10-liter containers
Product material
Plastic or metal
Product diameter
ø58mm to ø280mm
Label dimension
Minimum: 22 x 22mm (LxH) Maximum: 400 x 160mm (LxH)
Label placement
5mm from bottom and up to handle
Apply tolerances
+/- 1,5mm
Up to 40 products per minute
Akzo Nobel, Jotun, Flügger, PPG, CIN, Ostendorf, Hempel and more




  • Format sets for each product size
  • Print on label
  • Handle raising mechanism for full wrap labelling
  • Full wrap labelling arround handle ears
  • Extra indexer + dispenser for applying preprinted barcode labels
  • Extra indexer + printer for in-line print and apply of barcode labels
  • Scanner check of readable barcode on product
  • Product orientation in relation to seam before labelling
  • Camera for applying label in relation to an image/logo on the can
  • Pre-indexer for higher output. When applying labels orientated to the seam

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