MCL - Apply of front- and backside label

Onto large cylindrical and conical products

Well known and used for decades. The principles of the MCL, Modular Container Labeller, are used for side labelling or front and back side labelling of large oval, conical or cylindrical products, typically 2.5 - 20 liter containers.

The machine is often equipped with a brush handle lift system and as well as additional label dispensers or printers for print of colour code or barcode.

In some cases the MCL is also used in connection with side labelling of rectangular products, used as a double MCL in connection with front and back side labelling.


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Cans, Pails, Hobbocks, Canisters, Containers
Product specifikation
2,5 liter containers to 20 liter containers
Product material
Plastic or metal
Product diameter
ø160 - ø280mm
Label dimension
Minimum: 40 x 80mm (LxH) Maximum: 320 x 160mm (LxH)
Label placement
5mm from bottom and up to handle in standard execution)
Apply tolerances
+/- 4mm
Up to 20 products per minute
Akzo Nobel, Jotun, Flügger, PPG, CIN, Ostendorf, Hempel and more




  • Orientation station (orientate handle to be on back side)
  • Handle raising mechanism in orientation station
  • Print on label
  • Front and back side labelling (2 MCL applicators)

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