Tamper Evident

Tamper proof sealing of cartons


Improved presence verification of transparent Tamper Evident Labels

Do you expirience the following challenges:

  • Continuous manual adjustment of sensor settings, with the risk of manual error and false confidence
  • False positive (products without label are approved)
  • False Negative (products with correct label are rejected)
  • Validation of setup has proven difficult
  • Calibration of sensor for different carton sizes or artwork is proven difficult

If you can recognize some of the above points, we can help solve your challenges.

Together with UPM Raflatac, we have developed a solution combining label material and a sensor to eliminate all the above challenges. The solution can easily be rettofitted on both existing and new production lines.

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Validated presence verification of transparent tamper evident labels

The above picture to show how clear the sensor can verify presence of label at the carton

When testing in our test station, the sensor gives a score for the area where label is detected, also a score is given in the area where no label is detected. The difference of the score can be used for validation of how reliable the label presence verification is. In this case the score where label is detected is 254 and the score where no label is detected is 51, this give close to a factor 5.


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Tamper proof sealing of cartons in compliance with the FMD (European Union Falsified Medicine Directive) 2011/62/EU.
The FMD is designed to protect patients by minimising the chances of counterfeit medicines entering into the established medicines supply chain across Europe.

A part of the directive is tamper evident labelling of each carton, to ensure that it has not been tampered with from prodution to enduser.

Each carton also needs to be marked with a 2D barcode, to be serialised with a unique number.

For print of unique 2D barcode for serialisation and track & trace, we can integrate printer and vision of all common brands.

We do also have solutions for colli labelling

  • Adjustable for different product sizes from small to large cartons
  • Both front doors can be opend for easy access to the machine
  • Small foot print for easy integration
  • Safe synchronisation - the machine can stop and still maintain a safe product register
  • Easy label roll change
  • Multi language operator panel
Automatic tamper evident proof sealing of cartons

Our standard Tamper Evident Labeller is very flexible and easy to integrate into existing productin lines and systems.

It is possible to apply one or two tamper evident labels including check in any position, including control of label on product, with an automatic reject system for non approved products.

Easy format change, even between airplane and RTE cartons.

It is possible to print serialisation and batch data with ink-jet or laser. Our Tamper Evident Labeller is prepared for easy integration of ink-jer or laser of different brands. Also vision system of different brands can be integrated.



Product specifikation
RTE - Revers Tuck end or Airplane closing
Product height
15 - 120mm
Product length
40 - 120mm
Label material
Paper, PP and PE
Up to 300 cartons per minute
1200mm x 1200mm


  • Ink-jet printer or laser of several brands can be integrated
  • In-line or off-line execution
  • Vision systems of several brands can be integrated
  • Swing out function of dispensers for easy maintenance
  • Audit trail - access control - recipe management
  • Apply of extra price sticker / vignette label

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