Vial labeling

Automatic labeling of Vials and Ampoules

Easy and reliable operation

Labeling solutions for vials and ampoules

Our product program for labelling and marking of vials, ampoules and small cylindrical products,  range from simple off-line units, to integrated in-line labelling solutions with a capacity up to 400 products per minute. 

Our solutions are designed with primary focus on user friendliness and maximum reliability, when it comes to secure and gentle handling of vials.

We understand that the use of a vial labeling machine within the pharmaceutical industry is not just the period of time when the machine is running, but equally important is the time spend on batch start/stop, format changes, line clearance, cleaning, maintenance and service.

Regardless of being an operator or a technician, you will find “special” features designed to ease the interaction with our machine.

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Compact Labeling machine for automatic labelling of vials, ampoules, bottles and eydrop bottle


Labelling of ampoules, vials and bottles

Compact stand alone labelling unit for secure and gentle labelling of ampoules, vials and small bottles. 

Capacity up to 150 vials / ampoules per minute.

Product in-feed from trays products entering the star wheel and and back into trays. Including device for easy handling of products at in- and out-feed of the labelling unit.

It will be possible to print variable and unique data for each vial / ampoule before apply of the lable onto the vial/ampoule/bottle. A vision system can be integrated in order to control print and detect correct label placement.

The labelling unit is very operator friendly, the HMI is very intuitive and give the operator full visibility of status for the machine.

Labelling machine for automatic labelling of vials and small bottles including verification

Automatic labelling of vials with Vision

We have designed this standard vial labeller for secure and gentle handling of vials and small bottles. 

Capacity up to 300 vials per minute.

Product infeed from tray via turn table and conveyor or in-line from upstream machine via conveyor.

The vial labeller can be delivered both as an off-line and an in-line unit.

Label print is done by thermal transfer printer

Vision inspection of print before apply of label onto vials and vision inspection of label on product and placement of the label, only approved vials are allowed to leave the index wheel.

Very user friendly HMI.

Labelling unit with operator friendly HMI - Clear view of status for the labelling machine

Labelling of vials - capacity 400 p/min.

Product infeed from tray via turn table and conveyor or inline from upstream machine via conveyor. Separation of products done by worm screw. Labelling of products in roller conveyor.

This machine is built for both off-line and in-line use. When used in-line the products continues on conveyor for the subsequent equipment. When used off-line the integrated out-feed module is used, where the labelled products are lead back into trays.

Label marking is done by laser.

Vision inspection on label. Vision control of label presence on product, including product reject.

Easy overwiev of the machine from the HMI.


Vials, ampoules, small bottles
Product material
Glass and plastic
Product diameter
ø14mm - ø35mm
Product height
Minimum 30mm
Label dimension
Minimum width 15mm
Label material
Paper, PP and PE
Up to 400 vials per minute


  • Format parts for multiple product sizes
  • Print on label with thermal transfer printer or laser
  • In-line and/or off-line execution
  • Automatic height adjustment of complete machine
  • Vision inspection of label before application including reject of non approved labels
  • Vision inspection of vial after labelling including reject of non approved vials

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