Thermal transfer ribbon

We supply thermal transfer ribbon in high quality for all kind of thermal transfer printers.

We do supply all qualities of thermal transfer ribbon, we do test on your label material or sen you a sample roll before delivery, in order to make sure that the quality is as expected for your need.

Good standard ribbon for a instant black print, to be used where the deman for durability is low. Good for label materials as uncoated and coated paper.
Good universal ribbon for a high quality print is very useful for many print tasks and has a good durability. Recommended for label material such as paper, coated paper, PE and PP.
Ribbon for very high demand of durability of the print and when resistance for chemicals will be needed, it is equal important that the label material are also in good quality, label material can be PE, PP, Vinyl and Satin Polyester.

Thermal transfer ribbon for all kind of label printers

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