Pallet labelling

Labelling according to GS1-128 standard 

Pallet labelling in accordance to the GS1-128 standard, our automatic pallet labeling equipment is extremely reliable. We have delivered over hundred automatic pallet labelling units all over the world, for breweries, food manufacturers, paint and coating manufacturers and other industries as well.

Fully standardized system
Operator-friendly handling
Compatible with most major systems, such as SAP
Supports the GS1-128 standard

If you do not have the need for automatic pallet labelling or need a back-up solution, we can deliver a tabel top printer with software and scanner for manual labelling of pallets according to the GS1-128 standard.

If the need is labelling pallets in different heights, sizes and different placement and numbers of labels, a solution with robots can be an option.
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PLU - Automatic pallet labelling units apply labels onto pallets according to GS1-128
Automatic pallet labelling with UR robot


Product material
Pallets with or without plastic wrapping
Label dimension
A5 (210 x 150 mm)
Label material
Paper, PP and PE
Up to 120 pallets/hour
Outer label roll diameter
ø300mm approx. 2000, A5 pallet labels per. roll
Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Royal Unibrew and many others


  • Scanner for verification of readable barcode present at the pallet

  • Swing-out function of the printer for easy access

  • Extra home-switch on applicator arm

  • Labels on three pallet sides

  • O-ring applicator when using PE or PP labels

  • Shelf and tilt-out keyboard prepared for PC 

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Learn more about the GS1-128 standard 

Find here our GS1-128 quick guide

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