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Syringe labelling machines

Automatic labelling with accuracy and precision


Automatic labelling of all types of syringes


At LSS we specialise in labelling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We know the requirements and challenges you face when it comes to labelling and handling your product – and we know how to make solutions that live up to them.

Our syringe labellers range from semi-automatic labelling units to fully automatic in-line solutions, with a capacity of up to 600 products per minute. All are built with standardised modules and combined into a customised solution that fits your needs.

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High precision syringe labellers


We know that precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance when labelling syringes to ensure the health and safety of the users.

When labelling syringes with scales we measure a fixed point on the syringe. We apply the label from this fixed point ensuring an accurate application of the scale on each syringe. Correct label placement is controlled by the use of vision cameras.

Every non-approved label and syringe is automatically rejected.

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Customised syringe labelling solutions built from standardised modules


At LSS we have developed a variety of different standardised modules that can be combined in many different ways to create a customised syringe labelling solution.

This approach allows us to build you a less expensive customised solution and ensures you a quicker time to market without the need for you to settle for a standardised solution.

Instead, we build you a labelling solution based on preexisting modules put together in a new way to meet your requirements.


Facts / specifications

Products: Syringes
Product material: Glass and plastic
Label print: With laser
Machine capacity: 40 products per minute

Vision inspection of:

  • Label print and reject
  • Syringe fluid level
  • 1:1 alignment of labels and syringes for achievement of apply tolerances +/- 0,2 mm
  • Control of apply tolerances and product reject  

Facts / Specifications

Products: Syringes
Product material: Plastic or glass
Label print: With laser
Machine capacity: Depending if it is manual infeed as shown here, or infeed from in-line up-stream 

Sensor inspection and reject functions of:

  • Syringe
    (Air bubbles, Missing content, Dark content, liquid between ribs and tip cap closure)
  • Label print before application
    - Batch data
    - Manufacturing date
    - Batch number
    - GTIN number
    - (Serial number)
    - 2D code (UDI)
  • Label presence and placement on the syringe

Options for all syringe labelling machines


  • Format parts for multiple product sizes
  • Print on labels with thermal transfer printer or laser
  • In-line and/or off-line execution
  • Vision inspection of labels before application including rejection of non approved labels
  • Vision inspection of syringes after labelling including rejection of non approved syringes

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Syringe labelling machines designed through co-operation


It is important to us that you end up with exactly the syringe labelling machine that you need without having to make too many compromises.

To ensure this we put a lot of time and effort into the clarification and design phase. In close cooperation with you, we go through your user requirement specification (URS) and discuss which solutions and modules would be best for your project. Using sketches and digital representations of the possible configurations we edge our way towards the solution that fits your needs.

When we have agreed on the design we order the parts for the modules and assemble your syringe labelling machine by putting together our already proven modules into a customised labelling solution.

The last step is a factory acceptance test (FAT) where you come to us to try out your new syringe labelling machine in real life and see if everything lives up to your expectations. This is also the time you can make any final adjustments.

When it’s time we can aid you through the entire installation process of your new labelling machine and support you through the site acceptance test (SAT) as well. Just like we can provide you with all the validation documents you need too.

In other words, we are here to help you through the entire process. From design and assembly to installation and documentation.

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Standardised modules for a faster time to market


We know your time to market is crucial. The faster the better. Well almost. Because there’s no room for errors in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why we build every syringe labelling machine from standardised modules that have already been tested and used in the industry for many years. This to help you achieve a faster time to market without too many compromises.


Every label and syringe is inspected thoroughly


To ensure correct and precise labelling of every syringe we use both vision inspection and sensors in all our labelling machines. Every label is checked before application and so is the final product. Non-approved labels and products are automatically rejected.

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  • Automatic vision inspection of every label. Non-approved labels are discarded before application to syringes to reduce waste and enhance safety
  • Automatic vision inspection of the final product after the application of the label
  • Sensors register and ensure the right colour, height, directions etc.
  • A visual register in the control panel that matches the labelling line 1:1
  • Automatic control of misplaced syringes during labelling and for line clearance

User-friendly interface and controls


We work hard to make our labelling machines intuitive because we know it makes you more effective and reduces the risks of errors.

The intuitive control panel (HMI) is designed as an exact visual representation of the labelling machine itself. What the operator sees on the screen is what he sees in the labelling machine as well. The operator is guided through line clearance, format changes etc. and shown exactly where he/she needs to take action.

syringe labelling machine

Service for your syringe labelling machine is always an option

When we build you a syringe labelling machine we also offer you the option of adding on a service agreement. With a service agreement, our specialised service technicians will inspect and maintain your labelling machine at an interval of your choice.

We’re no stranger to the pharmaceutical industry


We know the requirements you face in the pharmaceutical industry because we have delivered labelling solutions to it for many years.

At LSS we specialise in labelling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We speak the language and already know how to overcome many common challenges in the industry.

This know-how combined with our customised solutions built from standardised modules ensures you a more effective process and faster time to market – without too many compromises.


If you would like to know more about labelling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry please contact our pharma labelling experts