Automatic labelling machine

Automatic Labelling Machine

High precision automatic labelling machine

Our automatic labelling machines are engineered for precision. Whether you're labeling vials, ampoules, bottles, syringes, pen injectors or auto-injectors, our labelling machines ensure accurate and consistent placement of labels, enhancing the overall quality of your products.

Our automatic labelling machines rank from in-line units at a packaging line to off-line labelling units, for small batch handling. Automatic labelling machine for handling vials, ampoules, pen injectors, auto-injectors, syringes and cartridges.

For our device labelling machine we guarantee accuracy within 0.2mm horizontally and 1.5mm around the circumference of your injectible.




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What is an automatic labelling machine?

An automatic labelling machine applies automatic selfadhesive labels from a roll onto a product. The labels can be printed with variable / unique data and barcodes before applied to the product. 

As we say our automatic labelling machines gives the product its identity. It is by the applied label you know what is inside the product, from the label you get informaiton about production date / best before date, allergenes, how to use the product etc. Barcodes on the label ensure the product can be scanned for al product information, further information than the visible data on the label.   

Not just a labelling machine

Our automatic labelling machines also include product handling. It's essential to note that products with varying shapes and sizes need to be conveyed through the labelling unit.

In the case of an in-line labelling unit integrated into a packaging line, products can be smoothly transferred from the upstream section to the automatic labelling unit. After labelling, these products are then released downstream for further processing.

For an off-line unit, the operator places the products either in trays or manually loads them one by one at the labelling unit's infeed. Following labelling, the products are transported back in trays or can be manually removed by the operator from the outfeed of the labelling unit.The in and out feed can alo include a round table.

Inspection and control functions in an automatic labelling machine


Automatic labeling machines with integrated product inspection technologies assures high quality and reliability.

A high-resolution digital capture of each product as it enters and leaves the automatic labelling machine not only assures end product or label end quality, but also the labelling process during manufacturing.

For example, on the HMI a visualized shift register for labels and products can be monitored. The shift register is related to the control functions that are integrated to the machine, and generally consist of the following:

  • Vision inspection of the label after it has been printed but before application. Inspection of printed in-formation, label ID etc.
  • Rejection of non-approved labels before application, which reduces the amount of rejected products.
  • Vision inspection of the product after the label has been applied: inspection of label presence/position, presence of cap etc.
  • Rejection of non-approved products. For LSS machines only approved products are allowed to proceed in the index wheel. 

Non-approved products are rejected at the product reject station. Lastly, the functionality of reject station is monitored by countercontrol sensors for quality assurance purposes.


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