Syringe labelling


high accuracy and precision in labelling

Automatic labelling of syringes, our solutions range from semi automatic labelling units to full automatic in-line solutions, with capacity up to 200 products per minute.

We are experts in product handling and has huge know how and experience in handling and labelling syringes.

When labelling syringes with scale we measure a fixed point on the syringe, and we apply the label from this fixed point, ensuring accurate apply of scale on each syringe, by use of vision camera we control correct label placement.


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Automatic labelling of syringes

Example of specifications for syringe labeller

Inline labelling of Syringes - Capacity up to 40 p/min

Products are placed by Pick and Place unit from tray directly into fixture on the intermittent conveyor belt.

The product is labelled during rotation between pressure rollers and drive roller.

The products are collected by the Pick and Place unit for continued handling.

Label marking with laser.

Vision inspection of label, including label reject. Vision inspection of Syringe fluid level, vision inspection 1:1 alignment of label on Syringe for achievement of tolerance of +/- 0,2mm, vision inspection for control of tolerance including product reject.

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