Pharma labelling solutions

Pharmaceutical Labelling

Made to measure pharmaceutical labelling solutions

Pharmaceutical labelling is central to assuring patient safety and better health outcomes and regulators increasingly demand that drug labels do more to inform and protect patients. LSS is your trusted partner for comprehensive pharmaceutical labelling services. In the ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry, compliance with strict regulatory requirements and ensuring the safety of patients is paramount. We understand the critical role that accurate and compliant labelling plays in this sector. 

With a drive to deliver more product information, safety warnings, traceability and security, this is prompting drug manufacturers to explore advanced manufacturing solutions to address the complexities of pharmaceutical labelling, marking, inspection and quality

Why choose LSS for pharmaceutical labelling?

At LSS, we combine regulatory expertise, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to deliver high quality pharmaceutical labelling solutions that meet your unique needs. With a strong focus on compliance and security, our pharma labelling solutions are designed to ensure your products are handled and labeled with the highest accuracy and safety. 

Pharmaceutical labelling solutions that meet regulatory expectations can pose challenges. We know the complexities and how joining man, machine and enterprise can help deliver better labelling capabilities.

For more than 20 years we have made pharma labelling solutions, which means we know the demands and legislative demands for pharmaceutical packaging and labelling.

Our labelling solutions rank from in-line units at a packaging line to off-line labelling units, for small batch handling. Pharmaceutical labelling of vials, ampoules, pen injectors, auto-injectors, syringes and cartridges.


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Precise and secure labelling of pharmaceutical products

Clearly labelled and marked primary drug packaging and devices help clinicians and patients accurately administer treatments and simplify delivery, especially for injectable and infusible therapeutics.
Many of these combination devices have limited label real estate and challenging surface characteristics and are tough to label.

When we start the dialog with our customers for a pharmaceutical labelling solution, it is very important that we have products and labels, this is the best starting point together with the URS, to give the best guidance and in the end the best labelling solution.  

Often when discussing pharmaceutical labelling solutions with our customers, we can add value to the project with our know-how, experience and competencies not only to deliver a label dispenser solution but also to deliver extended automatic labelling solutions with tray handling and other features. We provide comprehensive documentation and support to ensure client peace of mind regarding the integrity and compliance of the pharmaceutical labelling process

Contact us today and find out how our expertise in pharmaceutical labelling and packaging can benefit your production.



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