Precise label apply tolerances with high speed

Battery labeller

We have delivered more than 50 machines for labelling of batteries to some of the worlds leading manufacturers of batteries. 

High speed and accurate apply of labels on batteries in the sizes AAA, AA, C and D.

The machine is controlled by an advanced PLC with the possibility of logging data and making statistic reports. Combined with a vision control system, these machines offers very high output and extremely accurate labelling tolerances.

The machines can be supplied in both a one, and alternatively a two labelling head version, for in-line and nonstop labelling.

LSS also offers worldwide service on existing battery labelers. Service carried out by our very experienced technicians, will trough the huge knowhow gained over our many years in the business, ensure you optimal result of service.

High speed labelling of batteries in size AA, AAA, C and D
The HMI at the labelling machine is easy to operate and have overview of the machine status
High speed labelling machine for automatic labelling of batteries


Product specifikation
AAA, AA, C og D
Product diameter
10,4 - 33,3mm
Product length
44,2 - 60,2mm
Label dimension
Length: 36 - 111mm Width: 45-65mm
Label material
Shrink vinyl
Label placement
The label is wrapped arround the cell with an overhang in both ends
Apply tolerances
+/- 0,25mm
For AAA and AA up to 1000 per min. for C and D up to 600 per. min.

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