Automatic apply of labels onto pouches and paper bags

Apply of one or more labels

We have made a solution applying labels onto unfoldes boxes and sacks in different sizes.

The solution has 8 dispensers for top labelling and 3 for buttom labelling. One of the top dispensers is able to apply booklet labels (labels with nformation to be opend like a leaflet)

From the operator panel the machine will automatic adjust to each of the product. When the operator from the operator panel choses a product ID, the dispensers for the chosen product will automatical adjust its placement above the conveyor.

Automatic apply of labels onto paper bags, sacks, pouches and unfolded boxes
Automatic apply of labels onto paper sacks

Easy label roll change

When a dispenser runs our of labels, an alarm signal is given, on the oprerator panel it wil be shown which dispenser is running out of labels.
It is very easy to change the label roll, when the operator presses service for the chosen dispenser at the operator panel, the dispenser will move to the side, from the conveyor, then it is easy to access and mount a new label roll. When the operator presses start after changing the label roll, the dispenser will automatically adjust to the correct position again, and production can start again.


For operator safety  a light curtain is mounted from the feeder to the last dispenser, covering the front side of the machine. if an operator or other reaches into the machine and passes the light grid, the whole machine will stop.

Fully automated labelling unit for automatic labelling of paper bags, sacks and pouches

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