Top, side and full wrap labelling 

For round and square products

We have developed this compact modular build labelling solution, for easy adaptation for your need.

The solution can be adapted for cylindrical and conical products. For top labelling, wrap around labelling and front- and/or backside labelling

It is possible both to applicate preprinted labels, and print labels with variable data, before application onto the product.

  • Can be used both as in-line and off-line unit
  • User friendly  and easy to operate
  • Fast and precise aply of labels
  • Easy to adjust for different product sizes
  • Designed for use in industrial invironments


Automatic application of labels on two sides, top and bottom of square containers


Automatic apply of labels onto square and round containers



Automatic apply of top- side and bottom label onto containers

Precise application of labels on two sides, top and bottom

One of the side labels is printet before applicated on the container, with variable data as batch number and best before date.

Capacity of the labelling machine is 150 products per minute.

The machine is placed into the production line, the containers are filled when entering the labelling machine, after being labelled the containers are transportet onto the production line for further handling.

This machine is compact and easy to integrate in both new and existing production lines.

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