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We  have made several labelling solutions using robot technology, common for all these solutions is the extreme flexibility. It is possible to handle variation both in products, labels and placment of labels onto the products.

When using a robot it is possible for an example to apply between 1-3 labels at a product, including the possibility to apply the label on front-, back-, left-, right side and top or bottom of the product.

The products can even run randomly, the robot detects the product, and from the product bank, the correct numer and placement of labels will be applied onto the product.

If you get a new product the robot can easily be progammed for the new product.

The robot is collaborative - cobot, so it can run side by side with the operator, it will not need guarding, if the robot touches unforseen object it will stop.

The robot is extremely reliable since it will not need any maintenance.

Flexible labelling of boxes in many different sizes with UR robot

We have made a solution for print and apply of labels on boxes in different sizes.

By using the robot ther are no time spent changing from one product to another, since the robot is programmed to apply the numer af labels and placement of the labels as defined for each product size. the boxes can even run randomly.

The robot solution is very flexible and future proof, it can when needed be progammed to run boxes with other dimension or even other products for an example canisters, if needed.

These UR robots are collaborative, which means the do not need guarding, they can work side by side with the operator, if the robot arm meet unforseen resistance, the robot will stop.

Automatic labelling of boxes with UR robot., making it possible easy to apply of labels in different positions

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